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iPhone 4 Antenna Song [Lyrics and Video]

July 17, 2010

The iPhone 4 Antenna Song has been put by therockcookiebottom on youtube which has got good 386,503+ views since in past 2 days. Here we have put the video and lyrics for you to enjoy…correct the lyrics if you spot any mistake:

Lyrics of iPhone 4 Antenna song:

there’s an awful lot of hoopla
around the iphone 4 anttenna
when you grip it with the death grip
and you’re call slips away
the media loves a failure
in a string of success
the facts won’t ever matter
if they can make bigger messes
sure i can make it happen
but in terms of daily usage
i’ve yet to drop a call
so this whole damn thing is stupid
and you can call me a fanboy
i’ve been called worse things
but gizmodo just ridiculous
pulling their anti-apple strings
you bought a stolen prototype
get over it and move on
or hey even better
let’s all sing this song

Video of iPhone 4 Antenna song:


Fring app enables Two-way Video calling with iPhone 4 over 3G Network

July 16, 2010

Fring is a mobile application that lets you make free video calls, free voice calls and live IM chats directly from your iPhone and iPod touch. Now there is new updated version of Fring which allows user to make two-way video calls right from their iPhone 4.

The Fring app uses iPhone 4’s front facing camera for making facetime video calls to other mobile phones.

With Fring app, users can make video calls over Wi-Fi and also 3G carrier network. Even it also allows face-to-face video calls with friends on their Droids, Nokia (Symbian S60) and other iPhones so users can do video call with friends who don’t have iPhone 4.

The Fring app also supports iOS 4 multitasking features so you can run it in the background and will alert you when there is any new video or voice call or chat without proactively opening Fring, just like on all other supported phones.


* 2-way video on iPhone (for iOS 4). Over 3G and wifi, so you can see your friends wherever you are.
* Multitasking means you are always on and available to your friends. So you can keep fring open in the background, even as you use other iPhone services/apps.
* New Social Stream: Chronologically stream all your twitter, facebook, chats and call updates, all in one place
* A Smarter address book: manage your buddy list, merge contacts.
* and more…

Download the free Fring app

Unlock iPhone 3G on iOS 4.0.1 with Ultrasn0w 0.93

July 16, 2010

Apple has just release its latest iOS 4.0.1 firmware for iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G and the unlock tool for these devices went alive immediately. Actually, Apple didn’t update the 05.13.04 baseband in the iOS 4.0.1 so users with iPhone 3G can unlock their device with Ultrasn0w 0.93. This new is confirmed by the iPhone dev team member Musclenerd on Twitter.
You iPhone must be jailbroken in order to unlock it. Use Redsn0w 9.9.5 Beta 5 to jailbreak the iPhone 3G.

Unlock the iPhone 3G device with iOS 4.0.1 using Ultrasn0w 0.93.

1. first go to Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone 3G.

2. tap on the Manage and than on Sources button.

3. Touch on Edit and than on Add.

4. Than add this repo and touch on Add Source. (in ultrasn0w, it’s number zero, not letter o)

5. When installation completed, search for Ultrasn0w 0.93 in Cydia and install it.

This tool will unlock your iPhone 3G with iOS 4.0.1. Than reboot the iPhone after the unltrasn0w installation. Now you can use your iPhone 3G device on a different carrier easily.

Download 3 free Sonyericsson themes

March 9, 2009

Here is three theme for your sonyerricsson mobile phonewin-7-copyronoldogajani Supports all K series phones (thm file). Download it from here