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Google Lively

July 10, 2008

Google has launched a new service – Google Lively where you can create your own chat room with 3D Avatars and some decorations.

With Lively you’ll be able to Chat with your friends or meet new contacts online, Create and decorate your own room – and invite your friends over, Personalize your surroundings with an ever-growing catalog of avatars, outfits, furniture, and rooms to build up.


Popular Magazines for free on your Firefox, Safari and iPhone

June 13, 2008

Free digital issues of several popular magazines are available via Zinio for free to iPhone users. However if you are using Safari or Firefox browser on your computer can also view the magazine by changing the user agent in your browser( via – Techtrends).Some of the magazine available through Zinio are U.S. News & World Report, Playboy, Popular Photography, Men’s Health, Popular Mechanics, PC Magazine, Elle, Technology Review, Macworld UK, Lonely Planet, Reader’s Digest, etc.

To read the magazines you only need to enter your email address which then subscribes to their mailing list, and you’ll be able to view the full digital issues magazines.

If you are using Firefox browser just follow as given below.
* In the URL bar, enter “about:config”
* Right click anywhere on the page, go down to New and over to String
* You will be prompted to enter the preference name. Enter: general.useragent.override
* You will next be prompted to enter a “string value”. Enter: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/420.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Mobile/4A102 Safari/419 (United States)
* Once you have hit OK, you have morphed your Firefox into an iPhone mobile browser

For Safari browser
* Open Safari and go to preferences.
* Click the Advanced tab and check the box that says “show develop menu in menu bar”
* Go up to the Develop Menu > User Agent > Mobile Safari 1.1.3 – iPhone.
* Navigate to Zinio and start enjoying the magazines

PaPeRo with built-in Multi-Media Blog Creation System

March 15, 2007

Source from A2Z


NEC, a Japanese company, has announced the development of an automatic multimedia blog creation system, which has been embedded into PaPeRo, a personal assistance robot.papero.gif


PaPeRo (Partner-type Personal Robot) has its natural expressions and ability to remember its owners’ interests and preferences. It was designed to bring about a more natural interface with which people can easily and automatically benefit from the Internet. It can easily access Internet without the use of a keyboard


Its ability to interact naturally with people opens up a variety of application possibilities. It can be used as an automatic multimedia blog creation tool. When a user begins to talk about their events with PaPeRo, the system records and analyzes it. Following this, PaPeRo searches for suitable multi-media content on the Internet, including images, illustrations and music, which are automatically uploaded and edited along with the video recording on the user’s blog.

PaPeRo has been developed using the latest technologies. Main features are given below.

Weight: 5.0 kg; continuous operation time: 2-3 hours; Built-in Internet wireless modem handset; USB 2.0; microphones for detecting the direction of the sound, as well as for recognizing certain sounds; a video camera with CCD sensor; sensors for ultrasonic, step height, elevation etc.

More details and functions are available from PaPeRo’s home page

Test your password strenght

February 26, 2007

Our passwords are very important because they allow us to access private information, services or our e-mail addresses that also contain personal details. That’s why it is very important to use a complex password that contains both numbers and letters.

Google tries to help us by creating a new hidden service that will give a security rating for every password.

 All you need to do is to visit the link below that will take you directly to Google. [The company does not provide any official website or interface for this link so you will use it at your own risk].

Enter the URL shown below at the address bar of the browser and, observe the final “replaceme” tag. That’s the password field, so you must replace it with your password and then press enter. Google will analyze it and then will return you the number that corresponds with your word: 1 is the least secure and 4 is the most secure. (See image).


A Web site for kids and teens

February 25, 2007

MSN announce to launch an inspirational, biographical website for kids and teens in collaboration with NBA star, LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The web site explores L James’ road to athletic achievement, his dedication to basketball and academics, his devotion to his team, friends and family, and his role as a community activist and people’s champion. The site will allow kids on MSN and Windows Live services, to interact with James and share his experiences and messages.


Tracker Phone-Samsung’s Mobile phone

February 10, 2007


Samsung unveiled a new range of mobile phones called “Mobile Tracker Phones” exclusively for the In dian market.

 Because of the rapidly growing mobile phone usage in India, the safety and responsible usage of it is also growing. To deal with this, Samsung introduced a new range of mobile phone called Mobile Tracker Phone. The company targets all segments of the society with three models- SGH-C140, SGH-X520, and  SGH-E250 are entry level and mid-range models.

 The main feature of the phone inclu de new security features such as mobile tracking (MT), emergency SMS, and privacy lock, thus empowering consumers with security during mobility

The MT (Mobile Tracking) de tects the unauthorized usage of the handset. When a different SIM card is inserted, the MT-enabled phone automatically sends an SMS to up to two numbers pre-defined by the original user revealing the IMEI number of the phone along with the new SIM number, thus helping in retrieving the handset back.

The emergency SMS feature helps the user to send an SMS for help when in distress or some kind of emergency. The user has to push the volume key four times consecutively to activate the feature. Once activated, it automatically sends an SMS to up to 10 predefined numbers with tex t saying “Emergency. Help plz”, and after that the phone goes into the ’emergency receiving mode’ where user can only receive calls from the 10 predefined numbers. Further, when they call back, the phone automatically receives the call with one vibration.

Lastly, the privacy lock feature enables user to lock all the files and folders inside the phone, thus safe guarding the information against unauthorized access. 

During the occasion, Samsung expressed its commitment to continue launching global ph ones with localized features. In addition, the company also promised to incorporate all the three security features in all its new and upcoming mobile models.

Other features of the phones:

 SGH-C140 – This is an entry-level phone in a compact and stylish design. 65K color LCD, speaker phone for Hands free communication, and 16 polyphonic ring tones. It has a screen measuring 3.8cm with a resolution of 128×128 pixels, and the phone comes with an internal memory of 700 KB.

 SGH-X520 – It has been tagged by the company as the chic slim phone with extra seduction of stunning colors such as Indigo Blue and Wine Red. Its features include FM radio, VGA camera, and 65 K color CSTN LCD screen measuring 4.8cm with a resolution of 128×160 pixels. It comes with an internal memory of 2.8 MB.

 SGH-E250 – The phone is embedded with VGA camera and the latest multimedia features. Further, it features a 5cm TFT screen, stereo FM radio, video recording, Bluetooth wireless support, 12 MB internal memory and Micro SD slot expandable up to 2GB.

All the three newly launched Samsung mobile phones SGH-C140, SGH-X520, and SGH-E250 are available at a MRP of Rs 2,579; Rs 6,149; and Rs 8,299 respectively.

Enhanced Versatile Disk (EVD)

February 9, 2007

EVD (Enhanced Versatile Disc) is an optical medium-based digital audio/video format developed in china. The development was supported by the Chinese government and was developed by Beijing E-world Technology and US digital video technology company

On2 .Chinese manufacturers are sick of paying intellectual property royalties for most of the DVD players they manufacture- which is around 80% of the total production of the world. Now China’s home grown format EVD comes as an alternative to HD-DVD and Blu-Ray?

 Technically EVD is not a Blue Laser technology like HD- DVD or Blu-Ray. It is Red Laser like DVD, and is touted to be its successor. China plans to phase out DVD altogether by 2008. EVD essentially DVD, that uses a more efficient compression system. According to the format’s developers, Beijing-based E-World and US digital video technology company On2; it is capable of displaying HDTV images. EVD’s developers said in the past, they would try and merge the format with London based ‘new medium enterprises’ VMD (versatile multi-layer disk) – a Red laser system offering 50GB on ten 5GB data layers. Analysts, though, say more than two layer will be difficult.

  EVD supposed to be use the video codec VP6 from On2 Technologies. These are more efficient than MPEG-2 Video and could enable the disc to store HDTV resolutions, a feature the DVD could not offer when using MPEG-2. On2’s latest video codec, VP6, which offers “better image quality and faster decoding performance than Windows Media 9, Real 9, H.264 and QuickTime MPEG-4,” the company – formerly known as The Duck Corporation – claims. On2 offers VP6 free of charge for personal use. The x86 software can be downloaded from its web site.

 Actually the format is already out in December; several of the players were on display at a Beijing art Gallery and are cheap lower than $100 price point – announcing their intention to fully switch to this format by 2008 – in an effort to decrease dependency on foreign electronic products.