Pocket Digital Clock

Pocket Digital Clock (PDC) is a simple program that shows a large digital clock with optional seconds display on the Windows Mobile Today Screen. Date is shown above the digital clock very much like the HTC Home plug-in.
Tapping on Pocket Digital Clock will bring the user to the Clock and Alarms window, similar to the behavior of Windows Mobile default Date plug-in.
Features includes – Large digital clock with optional seconds display , Light-weight program, Portrait/landscape and square screen support, 96, 128 and 192 DPI support, Orientation awareness, Low CPU usage, TrueType (non-bitmap) font rendering, Optional network operator name display
Requirements: Windows Mobile 5.0 or newer (Pocket PC only), Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (for installation)
License: freeware / Download

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2 Comments on “Pocket Digital Clock”

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