Sentinel- Advanced file integrity checker for Windows

Sentinel is an advanced file integrity checker that integrates seamlessly with your anti-virus or Trojan applications.
Sentinel has the following features:
1. Advanced File Integrity Checker – Audits your system folder (as well as upto 20 other folders) for the slightest file changes and/or additions. If any files fail the integrity check, your anti-virus/trojan program will be notified
2. Registry Watcher – The RegWatch portion of Sentinel will warn your anti-virus program of programs that are trying to start up using the Registry
3. Secure Shut down – Shut Down your computer with confidence that no viruses or trojans will attempt to corrupt your system. This feature will automatically perform an Integrity Check and a Registry audit – all files that have been changed or modified will be scanned by your anti-virus scanner.
4. Automatic Activity Logging – Logs every file that Sentinel sends over to your anti-virus scanner; every log can be re-scanned with ease.
>>Supported Antivirus software
>>License: Free, Download Sentinel / Home page

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