Elevator – allows you to disable Vista UAC

Windows Vista certainly has many improvements over XP, for example, in the field of security- improved firewall, Windows Defender, UAC, etc makes Vista more secure. UAC is the annoying user controllable security solution that virtually asks every action for confirmation; it may be annoying in cases.
Those using the PC only for surfing the Internet or Office work will not have that much difficulties but for those who frequently use PC for testing software and other activities having to answer “Yes” every min is really stressful!

What to do? Permanently disabling this service will obliviously affect security, or you can use Elevator that allows us to disable UAC through the right mouse button. Actually it doesn’t disable UAC permanently; it is still active in back ground, but bypasses for a specific request with a right mouse click.

Elevator is FREE software and can be Download from here

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