AMD Chipset Integrated with graphic processor.


AMD introduced the AMD 690 series chipset incorporated with ATI Radeon graphic processor for its Athlon 64 based PCs, which will enable demanding graphics in Windows Vista. AMD 690 family is the first AMD chipset with ATI graphics that supports ATI Avivo technology.

 Introducing integrated graphics means, a PC user needn’t to buy a separate graphics card. But for those who need a high ending graphics opt for a discrete one.

The AMD 690 series chipset incorporates ATI Radeon graphics X1250. This ensures the ultimate visual experience for Windows Vista. The AMD 690 series chipset delivers the power to make new features like Windows Flip and Windows Flip 3D an integral part of every business day.

Unveiling the new chipset, Executive Vice President of AMD’s Visual and Media Business, Dave Orton, said the 690 is not just about graphics – but about graphics and high definition video. Orton said the 690 brings to the table decoding of HD stream in real time and displaying it on the screen.

“As one of the first chipsets with motherboard graphics to receive the Certified for Windows Vista logo, the AMD 690 family is a testament to the ongoing relationship between Microsoft and AMD,” said Dave Wascha, director, partner marketing, windows client, Microsoft Corp. “ATI Radeon graphics deliver excellent Windows Vista performance. We’re proud that together we’re able to provide consumers worldwide an experience that is easier, safer, more entertaining and better connected whether at home, at work, or on the go.”

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