Windows Vista Validation cracked


A crack for the Windows Vista Validation update is already available. Just the past week, Microsoft announced with great fanfare that it has introduced an update to the Windows Vista validation process in order to render inoperable pirated copies of the operating system activated via the “frankenbuild” workaround.


“We have affectionately named [it] “frankenbuild” because it involves cobbling together files from an RC build and with an RTM build to create a hybrid that bypasses activation. The other workaround involves the use of some virtualization technology and our practices for activating larger business customers,” revealed a WGA team representative.


The Windows Vista Validation crack available in the wild describes a method of recovering the complete functionality of a pirated Windows Vista operating system even if the validation update has been installed.


“Well, I wasn’t paying attention and installed the validation update. Reversing this is a real pain in the tail. If you have a recent Complete PC Backup, by all means use it. Boot from the Vista DVD, restore the backup and catch up from there. This time, uncheck and hide the damn update. If you’re stuck without an image, well, here’s what you have to do,” writes the author of this crack.


Here is the Vista Validation update recovery method:


“You’ll need:

1) Your Vista DVD

2) the RC1 tokens.dat

3) a CPP product key

but that is exactly what got us in this mess, so you probably have them.

– Backup everything important before you do this. Seriously.

– Reboot into xxxxxxxxxx. Make sure “Show Hidden Filesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” is checked in Folder Options. Duh.

– Zap the WPA encrypted store. Delete the following (hidden) files:



-Uninstall the WGA update. Run the following command:

xxx /u c:windowsxxxxxx.dll

Reset Software Licensing tokens:

– Copy the xxx xxxxx.dat to “C:windowsServiceProfilesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Remove the xxx data from the registry. You can’t do this to a running xxxx. So…

– Restart and boot from the Vista DVD. Choose “Repair my computer” and choose your Vista xxxxx. Select “xxx”

– Run xxx from the cmd prompt

– Select xxx and then select File -> xxx

– Navigate to [your system disk]:windowsxxxxx. Give it key name of “xxx”

– Delete xxxxx to remove it and the subkeys under it. Recreate the xxx key or xxxxx won’t start later.

– Select xxxxx and then select File -> unload xxxx

– Close xxx, close the prompt, and restart.


– Boot normally.

– When you log on you will in RFM and told “Your copy of windows is not genuine” Whatever. Rolling Eyes

– Run xxx.exe, enter your CPP product key and fire away. It should activate as genuine! Log off and back on to get Aero back.

Run windows update, uncheck that piece of crap, and hide it. RIGHT NOW.”


The actual process of recovering from the Windows Vista Validation update has been altered beyond recognition as to make it inoperable. We here at Softpedia do not support any example of piracy. The fragment posted above is purely for informative purposes. I must emphasize, it has been modified to such an extent that – although still legible – it no longer represents a valid recovery method.

Source: Softpedia.

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