What is RSS?

RSS- “Really Simple Syndication” -is a simple software program that allows you to access web and blog content automatically. Once your browser or computer has an RSS feed reader in, you can subscribe to any number of RSS feeds. Feeds are regularly updated web contend that is ‘pulled’ to your computer through a feed reader like Google Reader. This saves you the trouble of having to visit each of your favorite web sites to view the latest content.

  A feed is simply a way in which a reader may subscribe to website content – most commonly blogs or news sites. A news site may list their latest headlines or entire articles in their feed every time a new article is published. A blog would publish this feed as a series of recent posts. RSS (aggregators) reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check websites for updates, creating a unique information space or “personal newspaper”. Browsers like Fire fox, Internet explorer 7, as well as Google toolbar supports the ability to recognize and subscribe to contend on feed enabled sites.

 Feeds are published by millions of publishers, from small individuals to large organizations. The value of a feed is that it brings the latest site content to you in a format that is easily scanned; further, it reduces the task of visiting each source site each day. This is typically done through the use of what is called an ‘aggregator’ or ‘feed reader’. RSS readers (Feed readers) are software programs that run on your computer (or PDA or phone); let you easily subscribe to feeds, and allow you to read through them efficiently. There are several RSS feed formats as well as one with an entirely different methodology called Atom. Atom has become popular with some bloggers. Some aggregators can read both. The other acronyms you will see in “feed speak” are XML, which stands for ‘extensible markup language’ and is the code standard for these simple text feeds.

  An RSS feed is a great method for staying abreast of issues and topics that interest you.   That is you can create customized news feeds for any search topics. This feature has some very important uses. For ‘instance’, to keep track of the latest medical news on hip replacement, run a query for the search term ‘hip replacement’. The search result can then be saved as a feed. All the news on Google news is available as aggregator individual section wise feeds. That is you can separately subscribe to each standard or custom section that you create, or subscribe to your entire Google news homepage from your favorite RSS reader.  RSS, actually, utilizes the Internet more efficiently. It reduces the task of visiting each source site each day.

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