Video Games Prevent Brain Aging?

Video Games Prevent Brain Aging?


Video gaming could actually be good for the growth of the human brain. At least that’s what is being claimed by a group of Canadian researchers. These researchers from York University, Canada studied 100 undergraduates and found that playing video games may help prevent their brains from ageing. The physical ability to silence mental noise is the key in making the elderly prone to distractions. But for gamers it has been found that a see-saw effect takes place which activates and de-activates the frontal lobe of brain (needed to focus on task). This effect actually fades away after the age of 60 (before 60 in case of non-gamers), giving gamers longer time to use the frontal lobe of brain and thereby prevent it from ageing. The see-saw effect also makes video game players faster and better performers at multitasking. The research shows bilingual gamers are bound to outperform their non-gamer rivals at any difficult task. According to the researchers, bilingualism helps in suppressing the knowledge of one language while using the other; similarly, gaming assists in filtering all irrelevant information to move to the core of other problems. It becomes easier for bilingual gamers to perform multiple tasks because they can shut out distractions and can swiftly switch attention between tasks.


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